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Born in the flat land of Indiana, raised next to a corn field that was behind another corn field, Roderick Trestrail spent the majority of his young life skateboarding and listening to music.

In the late 90's after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in photojournalism, he opted to spend time in the mountains of Northern California instead of working for a small town newspaper.

Over the past few years Roderick has been touring the world with musicians including My Morning Jacket and Britney Spears.

Roderick lives with his wife Jessica and their cat, Badger.

When he is not shooting he spends his free time gardening, riding his motorcycle, or playing soccer (football).

partial client list:  ATO Records, Britney Spears (Circus Tour, Femme Fatale Tour), Iconix, Jive Records, Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado, People Magazine, Singer Sewing Co., Teachers Count, Universal South Records, Warner Bros.